H-6K bombers add to PLA’s strategic deterrent

The People’s Liberation Army Air Force deployed its H-6K bombers for deep-sea flight training last week. The H-6K has a combat radius of 3,500 kilometers, which currently meets the strategic requirement of “active defense.”

If China adopts US operational tactics to refuel in air twice during a mission, then the combat radius could be extended to 5,000 km, a bombing range that covers all of Asia and extends to Australia.

Each bomber can carry 12 tons of weapons and six CJ-10 Long Sword cruise missiles, which have an estimated range of 2,500 km and can strike targets 6,000 km away with precision.

Reports have said that China is now developing a cruise missile with a range of more than 4,000 km.

By 2020, when China’s Beidou Navigation Satellite System (BDS) completes its global deployment and the country’s long-range stealth cruise missiles enter service, China will be able to strike targets nearly 10,000 km away.

To strike against powerful aircraft battle groups, China has developed an anti-ship missile, the YJ-100, that has a range of 600 km.

Full article: H-6K bombers add to PLA’s strategic deterrent (Want China Times)

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