Political Dark Side of 2016 & Obama’s Intent to Bring War

NATO wants to take back the Crimea from Russia. The US wants to send in arms to Ukraine. All of this has provoked a response from Putin that has escalated the stakes. Taking back Crimea Putin has warn would lead to a nuclear conflict. Otherwise, Putin is looking to now escalate the conflict using  Russian nationals in the former Soviet states of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania as well. As the economy turns down from 2015.75, the geopolitical tensions will rise for this is how governments on both sides will distract the people.

It has also been suggested that if Obama can start a war before the 2016 election, he can suspend the elections in 2016 and stay in office under the Constitution. He has allowed the same people that were running the show under Bush to stay in place. They let him tinker with healthcare provided they ran all the war games and data collection unmolested. These dark sinister people behind the curtain would certainly NOT want anyone to come in and clean house. They have the power now and there is a serious risk we may see all our freedoms vanish whatever is really left. At best, they will want another stooge who leaves them run the world and they will let them play with the social issues.

Full article: Political Dark Side of 2016 & Obama’s Intent to Bring War (Armstrong Economics)

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