The Fourth Reich Is Here, Says German Newsmagazine

Modern Germany is a new reich, at least in an economic sense, Der Spiegel concluded in the cover article of its March 21 issue.

With a circulation of over 1 million, Der Spiegel is one of Germany’s most popular and well-respected newsmagazines. An English version of the article is available on its website, and is worth reading in full.

“People have even begun talking about the ‘Fourth Reich,’ a reference to the Third Reich of Adolf Hitler,” states the article’s introduction. “That may sound absurd given that today’s Germany is a successful democracy without a trace of national-socialism—and that no one would actually associate Merkel with Nazism. But further reflection on the word ‘reich,’ or empire, may not be entirely out of place. The term refers to a dominion, with a central power exerting control over many different peoples. According to this definition, would it be wrong to speak of a German Reich in the economic realm?”

After a detailed analysis of Germany’s past and present domination of Europe, the article concludes that no, it would not be wrong. “[A]n empire is in play, at least in the economic realm,” the article states. “The eurozone is clearly ruled by Germany, though Berlin is not unchallenged. It does, however, have a significant say in the fates of millions of people from other countries.”

Spiegel’s article is one of the clearest pieces of evidence that shows the forecasts of Germany’s rise made by the Trumpet, and before it, the Plain Truth, are correct.

Here are some statements from politicians, thinkers and writers across the European Union highlighted by Spiegel:

  • “German capital dominates Europe and it profits from the misery in Greece.” —Manlois Glezos, Member of European Parliament for Syriza and Greek war hero
  • “It is as though my country were experiencing the consequences of war.” —Greek Culture Minister Nikos Xydakis
  • The euro “rightly or wrongly” is reminiscent of “tank divisions of yore.” —The Fourth Reich: How Germany Subdued Europe, by renown and well-respected Italian journalists Vittorio Feltri and Gennaro Sangiuliano
  • Italy has begun drawing “a line from the barbarian invasions via Bismarck and Hitler to Merkel.” —German expert Luigi Reitani at a 2014 conference
  • “Bismarck united the German principalities to rule over Europe and, in particular, France. In a shockingly similar way, Angela Merkel seeks to solve her domestic problems by foisting the economic and financial order adhered to by German conservatives onto the rest of Europe.” —Former French Economics Minister Arnaud Montebourg
  • Germany is “increasingly pursuing politics of power and of hidden expansion.” —Leftist French intellectual Emmanuel Todd
  • “We are in Europe what the Americans are in the world: the unloved leading power” —German Chancellor Angela Merkel
  • “This is not a monetary union. It is far more like an empire.” —Financial Times, May 2012

Exactly how the union of Europe will come about is not yet clear. Many events must yet transpire. A new leadership in the Soviet Union as well as declining economic fortunes of the entire East bloc are factors to consider. …

In the secular field, German patriotism will not be revitalized until the Federal Republic can be linked with what some call the fossilized German state in the East.

Thus, in a roundabout manner, German disillusionment with its American “big brother,” plus its inability to recover a sense of purely national pride and patriotism, could rebound into a greater German zeal for a Europe united politically and religiously. This in turn could lead to the biggest dream of all: a reunited German nation in the heart of Europe, one Germans would feel proud of again.

Full article: The Fourth Reich Is Here, Says German Newsmagazine (The Trumpet)

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