Israel to Suffer Serious Civilian Losses in Next War With Hezbollah

Amid recent flare-ups, a new report by the Israeli military suggests that the Syrian Civil War has made Hezbollah stronger, and another all-out conflict between the two could result in the deaths of hundreds of Israeli citizens.

The 34-day Lebanon war in 2006 saw heavy casualties on both sides. In addition to significant damage to infrastructure, 1,200 people in Lebanon were estimated to have been killed, most of them civilians, and most by Israeli rocket fire. Though Israel, in contrast, lost 160, and the majority of those deaths were Israeli troops fighting inside Lebanon.

But a new military assessment suggests that if a similar conflict were to erupt today, Israel would suffer significantly more civilian deaths, as well as heavy damage to infrastructure.

The report attributes this, in part, to the chaos in neighboring Syria, where Hezbollah has gained experience while fighting with Damascus. According to the assessment, a new conflict could see Israel being hit by 1,000 to 1,500 rockets per day. These attacks would kill hundreds and could cripple critical infrastructure, like power stations and airports.

Full article: Israel to Suffer Serious Civilian Losses in Next War With Hezbollah (Sputnik News)

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