In future war, Hezbollah will fire 1,000 rockets a day, IDF predicts

Outgoing Home Front Command chief Maj. Gen. Eyal Eisenberg said that a future war between Israel and the Lebanese Hezbollah group will include hundreds or even thousands of rockets raining down on the country every day.

Eisenberg spoke during an event Tuesday marking his stepping down from the post and handing it over to Maj. Gen. Yoel Strick.

The citizens of Israel, he said, should be prepared for significant challenges. According to estimates by the Home Front Command conducted during Eisenberg’s tenure, Israel must be prepared for a “blitz of attacks,” including 1,000-1,500 rockets falling on Israel’s home front every day.

But despite the grim scenario, Eisenberg remained upbeat as to Israel’s ability to weather a possible assault from Hezbollah. “Will it be hard? Can we stand up to them? Definitely; we have no choice,” he said.

The outgoing commander’s warning echoed information in leaflets distributed recently by the IDF’s Home Front Command to local authorities in which the army warned of the serious threat that Hezbollah poses to the country’s civilian population, and predicted that hundreds could be killed in a future conflict with Lebanon.

The army said that correct defensive procedures by civilians, such as retreating into stairwells during an attack, can significantly improve protection. The IDF has also been looking at plans that would see the evacuation of border communities and provide temporary housing for thousands of people at army bases and other sites.

The estimates of what the Shiite-aligned Hezbollah can do with its arsenal of rockets, which could number as many as 100,000, were not new; however, in light of regional tensions and recent clashes on the northern border there is concern of an increased possibility of war. Hezbollah’s arsenal of rockets is said to cover the entirety of Israel.

Full article: In future war, Hezbollah will fire 1,000 rockets a day, IDF predicts (The Times of Israel)

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