Operation: Jade Helm to train elite forces

BASTROP – The United States Army Special Operation Command is planning to train in counties and towns across the Western United States.

“Jade Helm” is a two-month long exercise with a combination of elite military forces designed offer realistic military training.

The small and picturesque streets of Bastrop Texas offer an inviting scene to locals and welcome getaway for people trying to escape big city life.

But in a few months there will be another group moving into the area; members of the United States Military.

“I don’t think people here are intimidated by military operations in our community although it will raise some eyebrows” says Charlie Amos, a Bastrop resident.

Operation Jade Helm is expected to launch in at least 20 cities across seven states in the South Western US. With more than twelve hundred participants, in Texas alone, ranging from members of the Navy Seals to Army Special Forces, and Marine Special Operations.

Full article: Operation: Jade Helm to train elite forces (FOX 29)

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