China has two types of missile to attack US satellites: report

China is developing two types of anti-satellite missile to challenge the US dominance of space, Bill Gertz, a military analyst and senior editor of the Washington Free Beacon, wrote on March 25.

Admrial Cecil D Haney, the commander of US Strategic Command, told Gertz of his concerns about the buildup of Russia and China’s nuclear forces. He also said terror groups like the Islamic States may launch sophisticated cyber attacks against the United States. Haney said further that the United States should take seriously the prospect of a Chinese attack against its satellites in orbit.

“The threat in space, I fundamentally believe, is a real one. It’s been demonstrated,” Haney told Gertz, saying that China’s first anti-satellite missile test in 2007 created tens of thousands of pieces of debris and the country has continued to carry out anti-satellite tests until July 2014. Last year’s test did not create debris however because China did not do a “hit-to-kill kind of thing,” Haney said.

Full article: China has two types of missile to attack US satellites: report (Want China Times)

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