PLA is world’s third most powerful military: report

S [sic] military spending in 2014 was estimated at US$612 billion, which surpassed all other 125 countries on the list. Its ground force alone counts 8,300 tanks, 25,700 armored personnel carriers, 17,000 artillery pieces and 1,300 multiple rocket launching systems. Russia’s defense budget last year was about US$76 billion. A Russian military expert told Moscow’s Vzglyad that Russia however has some advantages the United States does not have.

First, he said that Russia has far more fighting vehicles than the United States. It currently operates 15,500 tanks, 27,000 armored personnel carriers, 4,600 artillery pieces and 3,800 multiple rocket launching systems. Second, Russia can mobilize more troops to the battlefield, according to the expert. Even though Russia’s military spending is even lower than that of China, the expert pointed out that Moscow has more nuclear warheads than both Washington and Beijing.

Full article: PLA is world’s third most powerful military: report (Want China Times)

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