US to Scrap Delta IV Launch Vehicle in Favor of Russian-Made Rocket

Sacrificing national security for cost will cost America dearly in the future. NASA is already 99.9% dependent on Russia to go into space.


The use of the Delta IV space launch vehicle will be discontinued in favor of the Atlas V that uses the Russian made RD-180 rocket to launch US national security payloads into space, United Launch Alliance (ULA) President and Chief Executive Officer Tory Bruno said.

“Delta IV is entirely redundant to the Atlas V in terms of its performance,” Bruno stated in a US House Armed Services Committee hearing on space programs on Tuesday.

“In this new environment, where the policy has changed to assure access through the existence of two providers, I will now retire the Delta medium class of space launch vehicles,” Bruno added.

The ULA, a Boeing-Lockheed Martin joint venture providing launch services to the US government, uses the Russian RD-180 rocket to power the Atlas V launch vehicle into space.

Bruno explained that retiring the Delta IV vehicle will allow ULA to reduce the cost of each launch, currently running $400 million per heavy payload.

Full article: US to Scrap Delta IV Launch Vehicle in Favor of Russian-Made Rocket (Spacewar)

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