Germany Slowly Having More Influence on World Events

Germany is the largest economic power in Europe. The country has never been as economically strong, secure and free as it is today. Germany is the fourth-largest economy in the world, and one of the top exporters.

Stephen Szabo is the executive director of the Transatlantic Academy research center. He wrote a book called “Germany, Russia, and the Rise of Geo-Economics.” He says Germany is now deciding its future.

“It’s the whole idea of being an economic power, not a military or strategic power. Will Germany stop being a big trading state that(‘s) concerned only about trading, or will it now begin to rebalance?”

“And the Germans, who are never very eager to sort of get involved militarily, have put troops into some of the Baltic countries, helping these countries that have very weak military protection of their own.”

Germany is also giving weapons to Iraqi Kurdish forces for their operations against Islamic State militants.

Experts say whether Germany will become a world power depends on the strength of an international political system supported by Western power. They note a lot of that support is now coming from Germany.

Full article: Germany Slowly Having More Influence on World Events (The Voice of America)

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