A message for Obama

The dust is settling over the election results. A much stronger Netanyahu has emerged. The question of how he will form a coalition is as yet unanswered. But there are two very clear messages that need to come out of this election.

The first, by far, is a message to Barack Hussein Obama – don’t mess with us; don’t mess with our democracy. By far, the loudest sound heard from Israel this morning is the sound of Israel spitting in Obama’s face and if that seems too crude, too graphic a message, I’ll remind you that this is what Obama has been doing to Israel for weeks as he mobilized dozens of campaign workers to fight Netanyahu for the will of the Israeli people.

The results were resounding for a simple reason — the second message I mentioned above. Likud is where it is…because many voters sacrificed their true opinion to enable Benjamin Netanyahu to remain in power. The message to Obama is stunning and clear; whether Bibi understands the message to him is another issue.

Bibi will spend time now evaluating the very clear message sent to him…but Obama need not take any time. Israel has spoken, roared its message brilliantly.

From the beautiful city of Jerusalem, at the heart and center of Israel, our eternal and united capital…from the streets of Tel Aviv…from the north and from the south…from ancient cities that date back to Biblical times and have been renewed…no Obama, we will not let you choose who will lead us. We will forever be the best friend America will ever have in the Middle East. We will share a common goal – a commitment to freedom, democracy. We will share such important values as loving life, fighting to preserve all that we are. We, little Israel, will continue to reach out to help others in times of crisis…but we will not let you do what you tried so desperately to do.

Israel has spoken. We will choose our destiny and we will, as Bibi told the US Congress, defend ourselves — for the first time in 100 generations, we will not rely on others to defend the Jews.

Full article: A message for Obama (The Times of Israel)

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