US Navy can be defeated by China, claims Global Times

In response to a New York Times pieces by Gregg Easterbrook on March 9, China’s nationalist tabloid Global Times wrote a commentary of its own, saying that China is capable of defeating the US Navy in the Western Pacific with anti-ship missiles built at low prices.

Easterbrook said that the US Navy is more powerful than all other navies in the world combined in terms of its aircraft carriers, nuclear submarines, naval aviation, surface firepower, assault ships, missiles and logistics. The author added that it is unnecessary for many US military experts to engage in fearmongering regarding China’s naval capability since “their carriers are modest compared with America’s; the submarines far less capable.”

The Global Times was unhappy about Easterbrook’s evaluation of Chinese naval power and said in its commentary that it is not necessary for China to build a strong and powerful navy to defeat the US in a regional conflict. With enough low cost anti-ship missiles, the People’s Liberation Army Navy is capable of paralyzing the US Navy’s freedom of navigation in the South China Sea, the paper said. Enough damage can be done to morale and equipment even if only one missile out of 1,000 hits an aircraft carrier.

Full article: US Navy can be defeated by China, claims Global Times (Want China Times)

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