Holder Gets His Wish: An Open War On Police Officers

Lawlessness: The latest casualties in Eric Holder’s anti-cop race war are two Ferguson, Mo., officers shot at a protest rally. The ambush follows the attorney general smearing the entire Ferguson police force as racist.

Just hours earlier, Ferguson’s police chief stepped down in response to Holder’s 100-page report claiming Ferguson police engaged in systemic racism against local blacks.

“Nothing in this travesty of a report proves that, and the fact that Justice produced a report so buffoonish, so replete with conclusions unsupported by facts, so lacking in basic methodological rigor, is an embarrassment,” blasted U.S. Commission on Civil Rights member Peter Kirsanow, who is black.

But “the report has accomplished its objective,” Kirsanow added. “It’s smeared police officers across the country, giving the administration excuse to exert greater control over local police departments.”

It’s also enlarged the target on their backs. Holder excused anti-cop violence that broke out after the Brown shooting, suggesting it was justified by his overall findings.

“Members of the community may not have been responding only to a single isolated confrontation, but also to a pervasive, corrosive and deeply unfortunate lack of trust — attributable to … abuses, unreasonable searches and seizures, and excessive and dangerous use of force … against African Americans,” he said, only encouraging more violence against cops.

Remember: The first casualties in Holder’s war on cops were the two New York Police Department officers assassinated in December by a young black man seeking revenge for what Holder claimed were racially motivated police shootings of black men.

Holder has his own “unconscious bias,” as he likes to accuse cops of having, and we fear it runs deeper than just smearing cops as racist.

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