Creation of EU Army Would ‘Liberate Europe From US and NATO’

This is where German-subjugated Europe is heading: Right into Russia’s hands.


Recent proposals put forward by European Commission chief Jean-Claude Juncker to create a combined European army are “anti-American” and would work towards liberating Europe from US and NATO influence, according to a researcher in European politics.

US, Not Russia the Target of EU Army

While Mr Juncker clearly stated that the creation of such an army would be to counter the tension between Brussels and Moscow, Mateusz Piskorski told Sputnik that he believes it would work towards establishing greater European independence from the US.

“So it’s a kind of paradox because on the one hand, Juncker tries to be politically correct and is convincing everyone that we need protection from Russia, while on the other hand, the very essence and idea of this project would be quite anti-American, or would also be directed against the American military presence in Europe.”

Dr. Alexander Neu, Bundestag MP from Germany’s Left Party, agrees with Mr Piskorski in that the creation of a European army would limit Washington’s influence in Europe.

“NATO is an instrument of American influence in Germany and the EU. It’s the instrument that allows the US to fulfil its agenda in Europe. A united EU army would question the dominant positions of the US within NATO.”

An EU Army: Who Would Support it?

Dr Neu’s Left Party are among a number of significant military and political figures in Germany who have expressed support for such an idea to create a European army.

The German MP told Sputnik that the idea of a pan-European military force lost traction in recent decades due to the actions of the US and NATO following the break-up of the Soviet Union, and says that Russia needs to be consulted on such issues to ensure the best chance of peace in Europe.

But it’s impossible to imagine peace in Europe without Russia. Which is why I say: either the US supports peaceful policies in Europe, or Europe has to create its own peaceful policy, without the US, and create a new joint security system with Russia.”

It seems that it’s not just Germany that supports the idea of a European army, with Turkish Minister for EU Affairs Volkan Bozkur last year saying that Turkey would contribute 60,000 troops towards the EU if the country was granted EU membership.

Full article: Creation of EU Army Would ‘Liberate Europe From US and NATO’ (Sputnik News)

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