Iran’s presidential advisor: ‘All of the Middle East is Iranian’

Iran flexed its military muscle with massive naval maneuvers in the Gulf late last month. IRNA photo.


ERBIL, Kurdistan Region – Iran is once again an empire whose influence extends to Iraq and beyond, a top Iranian presidential advisor said Sunday, days after Saudi Arabia expressed alarm that “Iran is taking over Iraq.”

“At the moment Iraq is not only the bastion of our civilization, it is also our identity, culture and capital and this is true now as in the past,” Ali Younesi, an advisor to the Iranian president said at a forum on Iran’s ethnic identifies.

“The geography of Iran and Iraq cannot be divided,” said Younesi, a former intelligence minister, speaking at a Tehran forum titled “Iran: nationality, history and heritage.”

“All of the Middle East is Iranian,” Younesi declared, warning that no one had the right to oppose Iran’s influence in the region.

He said that people now living in neighboring countries are also Iranian “because their countries were separated from the empire east and west.”

“Protecting our security and historical national identity would not be possible unless we look at our influence in the region,” the ISNA news agency quoted Younesi as saying.

Full article: Iran’s presidential advisor: ‘All of the Middle East is Iranian’ (Rûdaw)

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