Geopolitical Situation Most Dangerous Since WWII – Rothschild

Lord Rothschild characterized the geopolitical situation in the world as the most dangerous since the end of WWII, warning investors about a forthcoming crisis.

“We are confronted by a geopolitical situation perhaps as dangerous as any we have faced since World War II: chaos and extremism in the Middle East, Russian aggression and expansion, and a weakened Europe threatened by horrendous unemployment, in no small measure caused by a failure to tackle structural reforms in many of the countries which form part of the European Union,” wrote Jacob Rothschild, a British investment banker and a member of the prominent Rothschild family, in an annual Strategic Report of RIT Capital Partners plc (RIT).

RIT is an investment trust that has been investing “in a widely diversified, international portfolio” delivering high returns to shareholders since 1988.

It seems that Rothschild’s concerns are shared by the EU member states as well: at the end of 2014 several European countries demonstrated a revived interest in gold as a monetary policy instrument and focused on repatriating their bullion gold reserves from abroad, citing issues of economic stagnation and an unprecedented level of money printing in the world.

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One response to “Geopolitical Situation Most Dangerous Since WWII – Rothschild

  1. If the Russia Czars were overthrown by the Bolshevics at the time of WW1, and the disappearance of Russian gold, it is reasonable to assume Russia is suspicious of the oligarchy or the possibility as such of the Rothschilds, and can be understood as to why Russia is resistant to this influence.