Chief NSA Scandal Investigator in Germany Reports Phone Compromised

The head of the German inquiry into NSA spying had his phone tampered with after sending it off to be inspected for suspected hacking. When the phone arrived at its destination, its packaging had already been opened.

Patrick Sensburg, a member of the German parliament (the Bundestag) from the Christian Democratic Union party, sent his phone to the Federal Office of IT Security (BSI) in Bonn to be inspected for possible hacking after he noticed problems with it in February. Though the phone was sent in a lead-lined container to block any wireless signals, the package was sent by normal DHL post and by the time it arrived at the BSI, the secure container had been opened.

As the head of the Bundestag’s inquiry into NSA spying in Germany, Sensburg was in regular contact with classified materials. He and other lead committee members all used encrypted phones, and government intelligence officers had warned them they would be logical targets for espionage.

Full article: Chief NSA Scandal Investigator in Germany Reports Phone Compromised (Sputnik News)

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