Best-Kept Nazi Secret Revealed? Man Claims He Knows Location of Amber Room


A German retiree and his bowling buddies say they may be close to finding the long lost “Amber Room” – a lavishly decorated chamber that the Nazis dismantled and stole from a Russian palace in 1941.

Karl-Heinz Kleine and company have been exploring tunnels that lie beneath the city of Wuppertal where they believe Nazi official Erich Koch, a local, may have stored the room for safe keeping.

“As the Red Army closed in on Koenigsberg, he ordered the treasure to be packed up and brought back to his hometown. We have studied records and spoken to people from the time,” Kleine told the Daily Mail. “He did not want to leave the world’s greatest treasure in a region with an unknown political future; rather he brought it to a place he knew where he had a good chance of accessing it in the future. In his own backyard.”

Decorated with over six tons of amber and jewels and valued at around $147 million dollars, according to the Smithsonian Magazine, the room, with its jeweled panels, is undoubtedly the most valuable single missing art piece from World War II. It was presented to Peter the Great in 1716 as a gift of peace from the King of Prussia. Later, after even more embellishment, it was moved from the Winter Palace in St. Petersburg to the Catherine Palace in Tsarskoye Selo outside the city.

Full article: Best-Kept Nazi Secret Revealed? Man Claims He Knows Location of Amber Room (Sputnik News)

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