More Mysterious Drones Spotted Flying Over Paris


On Wednesday morning, Parisians awoke to news that there were even more mysterious drone night flights over the city. After a failed car chase to identify the pilots, authorities are still at a loss as to who’s responsible, and why.

French authorities received reports of 12 drone sightings late Tuesday night, according to Le Monde. Like other sightings in past months, last night’s UAVs were spotted over one of the French capital’s key landmarks, the Eiffel Tower. Drones were also reported hovering around three of the famed gates of old Paris. The Vincennes, Charenton, and Bagnolet gates are all located in the city’s east.

Le Parisien also reported that another device was seen flying near the Palace of Versailles, in the capital’s outskirts.

According to French news channel BFM-TV, police spotted one of the devices while on patrol near the city’s edge. They pursued the machine from the ground, but became tangled in traffic.

According to the report, the UAV was recovered by four men who sped away in a black car.

Authorities have made no arrests.

Full article: More Mysterious Drones Spotted Flying Over Paris (Sputnik News)

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