Submarine Warfare in Arctic: Russia Mastering New Underwater Tactics

Commanders of Russia’s Northern Fleet are mastering new ways of using deadly underwater weapons in the High Arctic, the press service of the Northern Fleet reported.

“During the meeting, special attention was paid to the issue of using torpedoes to make openings in the ice, so submarines could surface and fire missiles in the hard conditions of the High Arctic,” said the main statement during the meeting of Navy commanders at the training center in Gadzhievo.

Admiral Vladimir Korolyov, the commander of the Northern Fleet, talked about the importance of using the combat experience of the older generation of Navy officers, while at the same time working to develop new techniques and tactics of underwater warfare. The Admiral also mentioned that the Russian navy is highly trained and its crews could carry out missions in any situation.

Full article: Submarine Warfare in Arctic: Russia Mastering New Underwater Tactics (Sputnik News)

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