Top Obama adviser’s link to communism

Father, early mentors were members of party

David Axelrod, President Obama’s former longtime senior strategist, has been caught minimizing his father’s participation with the Communist Party USA.

Further, there here is evidence Axelrod himself was mentored early on by communist activists.

In his book “Believer: My Forty Years in Politics,” released two weeks ago, Axelrod makes light of the communist affiliation of his father, Ukrainian immigrant Joseph Axelrod.

Axelrod writes: “In keeping with his bohemian lifestyle, when Dad registered to vote at the height of the depression, he listed his party affiliation as ‘communist.’ Years later, when a friend used my dad as a reference for a promotion in the military, Dad’s youthful act of defiance came up.”

He continued: “They figured if I had really been a member of the Communist Party, I would have registered as a Republican to throw everyone off the scent,” Dad told me, recounting the drama. And of course they were right. Dad wasn’t much of a joiner, unless you count baseball teams.”

However, blogger Charles C. Johnson of obtained and posted a document that lists Joseph Axelrod as an official member of the Communist Party for the 1936 general election.

Axelrod’s parents, Joseph and Myril Bennett, had affiliations with other communist-leaning groups.

In the 1940s, his mother wrote for the left-leaning New York daily PM, which was run by numerous activists from the Communist Party USA. Politico previously described her father as a Russian immigrant and her mother as the child of immigrants.

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