PLA H-6 bombers capable of Striking all targets in Asia-Pacific

The H-6K strategic bomber of the People’s Liberation Army equipped with KD-20 cruise missiles is capable of attacking all US military facilities from Northeast Asia to Guam, according to an expert in Chinese military development as cited in the state-run Global Times.

President Xi Jinping’s visit to a bomber unit which operates three variants of the H-6 bomber on Feb. 17 attracted the attention of Western experts. Richard Fisher, an American military expert, noticed significant changes and modifications to the H-6K, the latest version of the bomber. The photo published by official state media has allowed an inside view of the H-6K cockpit, he added in his article written for the London-based Jane’s Defence Review.

Xi’s visit to Xi’an may trigger the development of China’s next-generation strategic bomber, said the expert. Strategic bombing is an very important weapon system which symbolizes a nation’s status and power. Xi has already stressed that it is necessary for China to have a strong air force with integrated air and space capabilities and strategic bombers as an important role.

Full article: PLA H-6 bombers capable of Striking all targets in Asia-Pacific (Want China Times)

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