Grexit Could Boost Russia’s Influence in Balkans – Reports

Greece’s exit from the eurozone could lead to the establishment of very close relations between the two countries and contribute to the expansion of Russian influence in the Balkans, “Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung” reports.

With a Greek exit from the monetary union, its membership in the Schengen area and the EU will also be quickly called into question, the newspaper writes. The withdrawal of the country from the eurozone may lead to mistrust and lack of solidarity among the remaining countries and “this is a significant burden for the association, which is based on partnership,” according to the article.

A potential exit of Greece from the EU also may have serious strategic consequences.  Greece will start looking for new partners and the first candidate would be Russia. “Russia has money, interest in the Balkans, and there is a cultural proximity between the two orthodox countries,” the author claimed.

Full article: Grexit Could Boost Russia’s Influence in Balkans – Reports (Sputnik News)

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