Senator: Air Force is Unlawfully Dismantling Airlift Wing

The intentional, suicidal dismantling and disarmament of America continues:


Sen. Thom Tillis (R., N.C.) is raising concerns that the Air Force could be dismantling an airlift wing that helps train troops—before providing a legally mandated report to Congress.

Tillis added that dismantling the 440th could hamper the readiness of “critical airborne units, many of which must be prepared to respond to a range of contingencies on short notice.”

“Moreover, the anticipated deactivation of the 440th AW would come at a time when the nation is facing growing uncertainty abroad that could require a military response—a response that only forces at Fort Bragg can provide.”

Removing the 440th from Fort Bragg would leave the base without any permanent Air Force planes. That would require the Air Force to fly in crews from other bases and potentially increase costs.

“Members of the unit, speaking anonymously for fear of negative impact on their careers, have said the decision doesn’t appear to be driven by military strategy, but instead based on perceived political support,” the Observer reported.

Full article: Senator: Air Force is Unlawfully Dismantling Airlift Wing (Washington Free Beacon)

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