A fake Iranian “defector” assassinated Argentine prosecutor Alberto Nisman

According to our investigation, two Iranian Intelligence Ministers, the incumbent Mahmoud Alavi and his predecessor Hojjat-ol-Eslam Heydar Moslehi, had for nine years wracked their brains for a way to silence the Jewish prosecutor, ever since he began probing the two attacks. They worked hand in glove with senior Argentinean government and intelligence agencies. (In Iran, intelligence ministers take their orders directly from supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei although they attend cabinet meetings.)

Tehran’s clandestine hand deep in the Americas

Nisman had made the powers-that-be in Tehran jittery, because a) he was ambitious, honest and a courageous searcher after the truth; b) he was Jewish and had active connections with Israel; and c) in pursuit of his inquiry, he spread his net wide to include contacts with the Israeli Mossad and the American CIA.

Furthermore, in 2006, after three years on the job, the prosecutor had put together an intelligence file on the unbelievable scope of Iranian intelligence penetration, using Lebanese Hizballah agents, deep into the government and intelligence establishments of many Latin American countries – not only Argentina, but also Brazil, Uruguay, Chile, Surinam, Trinidad-Tobago and Guyana.

No sooner was this file put before the government in Buenos Aires when it was locked away to prevent its publication.

Undeterred, Nisman went to New York in 2007 and put the contents of his file orally before senior CIA officials and UN Secretariat bureaucrats. His briefing also uncovered scores of Iranian diplomats and agents operating in the United States under cover out the Pakistani embassy in Washington.

It is hardly surprising that in no time, the information leaked from the UN Secretariat to Tehran, adding to the urgency of getting rid of this thorn in the side of the Islamic Revolution’s clandestine operations against the West.

Bribery wouldn’t work on Nisman

Iran’s security organs are no strangers to political assassination at home and among its exile communities, in such places as France, Austria and Germany.

The first step was taken in 2010 when an Iranian contacted prosecutor Nisman to request a secret meeting. He presented himself as a former high Iranian intelligence official who had defected, fled to Denmark and was willing to fly to Buenos Aires with a valuable cache of confidential documents relating to the Jewish Center bombing.

Fake defector spent 4 years to build trust

He claimed that those documents exposed in detail the complicity in the crime of Mohsen Rabbani, then senior intelligence official at the Iranian embassy in the Argentine capital.

According to debkafile’s inquiry, Rabbani was the senior plotter of the operation.

Full article: A fake Iranian “defector” assassinated Argentine prosecutor Alberto Nisman (World Tribune)

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