Russian Shipyard Makes History: 4 Subs Under Construction Simultaneously

Four of the most advanced nuclear-powered submarines in the world are now simultaneously under construction at Russia’s Sevmash shipyard for the first time in the country’s modern history, Russia media reported.

Last year, the company constructed and transferred two Yasen- and Borei-class nuclear-powered submarines, the Severodvinsk and the Vladimir Monomakh, which were then delivered to the Russian Navy.

This year, Sevmash is constructing Yasen-M- and Borei-A-class nuclear-powered submarines, the Kazan and the Prince Vladimir, as well as the multipurpose nuclear submarine Novosibirsk and the nuclear submarine Prince Oleg.

Full article: Russian Shipyard Makes History: 4 Subs Under Construction Simultaneously (Sputnik News)

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