Navy sailors suffer strange deformities after Fukushima exposure

KOMO 4 News transcript, Feb 11, 2015 (emphasis added): Men and women sworn to serve, now suffering from mysterious health problems… Local rescuers find themselves battling for the truth — and their own survival… They had no idea of what was happening in coastal Fukushima… 3 of 6 nuclear reactors suffered meltdowns, then several explosions… prevailing winds sent most of that radiation over the Pacific, where the 7th Fleet was positioned… the sailors say no one aboard ship took any extra radiation protection measures [for] “probably about a week”… [Aviation Structural Mechanic Ron] Wright remembers one time the scanners went crazy over his trousers. “It was just being like beep, beep, beep, beep… I lost my pants.”… The Navy continuously reassured them… Within a month of Operation Tomodachi… he started experiencing painful swelling in his groin.  He’s undergone 3 surgeries but expects to suffer pain the rest of his life.  Even more frightening — Wright’s diagnosis of varicocele can lead to male infertility.

Master Chief Petty Officer Leticia Morales: Since 2008, she has been responsible for the flight deck on board the Ronald Reagan and about 100 sailors… In May 2013 [she] suddenly began suffering dizzy spells. Her arm swelled up, her right hand looked like a baseball mittHer general practitioner told her that there was something serious going on, but they weren’t sure what it was… they found a tumor in her liver. [Last] February, they found a malignant growth in her thyroid gland… In the summer of 2014, she began experiencing cardiac arrhythmia and that autumn, they found metastases in her breast.

Lieutenant Steve Simmons, also on the USS Reagan during 3/11: [A] year after he returned from Japan… muscles began to fail and his hair started falling out by the handful. He got migraines, experienced bloody discharges, became incontinent and his fingers turned yellow, even brown on some days. His feet are now dark red in color and he experiences whole-body spasmshe can no longer walk — and nobody can tell him why.

Full article: Navy sailors suffer strange deformities after Fukushima exposure (ENENEWS)

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