Obama administration approved green cards for Iran MPs

The barbarians are not at the gate. The barbarians are in the within the gates and the red carpet has been rolled out for them.


NICOSIA — The administration of President Barack Obama has quietly approved permanent residence status to Iranian officials and parliamentarians.

Iranian parliamentarians have reported that scores of senior Teheran regime representatives were issued documents that allowed them to live and work in the United States. They said some of the Iranians also acquired U.S. citizenship.

The letter by the parliamentarians, most linked to opponents of President Hassan Rowhani, did not identify the Iranians provided citizenship or so-called Green Cards, Middle East Newsline reported. But the Iranian media said the letter referred to Rowhani’s chief of staff, Mohammed Nahavandian, educated in the United States and said to have obtained a Green Card in 1993.

Even anti-U.S. politicians were identified by the Iranian media as acquiring American residency or citizenship. One of them was parliamentarian Hojatoleslam Morteza Agha-Tehrani. who acknowledged holding a Green Card but said it expired.

Other senior officials were said to have acquired or applied for a Green Card. The Iranian media cited Foreign Minister Javad Zarif, Communications Minister Mahmud Vaezi as well as former nuclear negotiator Hussein Mousavian. Mousavian, deemed an official representative of Teheran, has lobbied in the United States for a nuclear agreement.

“A source familiar with the situation told RFE/RL that Mousavian obtained his green card ‘unusually quickly’ after he moved to the U.S. in 2009,” the U.S. government-financed Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty said on Feb. 6.

Full article: Obama administration approved green cards for Iran MPs (The World Tribune)

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