The Telegraph Warns of Russia Invading Baltic States

The Telegraph warned last week that Russia may invade the Baltic states. The article, “Putin Could Attack Baltic States Warns Former NATO Chief” detailed Russian President Vladimir Putin’s desire to reach beyond Ukraine into the Baltic states to test the West’s resolve in upholding Article 5 of the nato agreement.

Article 5 states that an attack on one nato member is an attack on all nato members. nato members are bound to collectively respond to the threat. So far, the only time Article 5 has been enacted was following the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attack. Had Ukraine been part of nato when attacked last year, all of nato would have been expected to respond with force against Russia.

Even the mention of another invasion by Putin worries European countries because they know they are not prepared militarily. The Ukrainian crisis made Europe realize how unprepared it is for war. It simply does not have the military power to compete with Russia.

The Telegraph notes that Europeans can hardly defend themselves without America’s help. Russia’s defense budget has increased a heart-stopping 80 percent since 2010, while nato countries have plummeted 20-40 percent since 2010. While Russia stokes its military furnace, the West has its own.

According to Global Fire Power, Russia has an active frontline of 766,000 personnel, accompanied by 15,500 tanks and 3,082 aircraft. Compare those numbers with Germany, France, the United Kingdom, Spain and Poland, which combined have 860,286 personnel, 2,716 tanks, and 3,827 aircraft. In order for Russia to be met with a comparable force, all five nations would have to attack at the same time, yet would still be about 12,000 tanks short.

The implication: Europe must rearm.

The Ukrainian crisis and perceived threats to Baltic states have clearly demonstrated that Europe’s defense budget cuts are not without repercussion. Germany has started, and will continue, to rearm and increase military funding. The rest of Europe will soon follow.

The Trumpet has long warned of the rearming and unification of Europe. Watch Europe gain considerable strength in a short amount of time as threats on the world scene increase. For more, read “Is Angela Merkel Germany’s Chamberlain?

Full article: The Telegraph Warns of Russia Invading Baltic States (The Trumpet)

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