Young Oakland Girls Called ‘Radical Brownies’ Learn Social Justice Instead Of Selling Cookies

Whatever you want to compare it to, be it the Nazis and Hitler’s Youth, for example, this is tantamount to being the same. The innocent children are brought up indoctrinated, manipulated, used and trained to be divisive. Just look at what they idolize: Black Panthers. Please see the article source for the video — if you can stomach it.


OAKLAND (KPIX 5) – After the recent Black Lives Matter protests, there is a new brownie troop in Oakland. Instead of selling cookies, they are spreading a message.

On a Saturday afternoon in Oakland, a handful of 8 to 10 year old girls are gathered, in brown uniforms, giggling and eating cupcakes. They look like Girl Scouts, but it’s not just fun and games.

And it’s not just fun and games. “White policeman are killing black young folks such as women, men and children,” one of the girls said.

Another girl said, “Mike Brown. He was shot because he didn’t do nothing. Only the police officer shot him because of his skin color.”

These girls are called the “Radical Brownies.” And instead of learning sewing, they’re learning social justice.

Even their uniforms have a message.

“The beret, it’s a Black Panther/Brown Beret twist,” one of the Radical Brownies said.

“I think it’s very appropriate. A lot of the work the Black Panthers did was community oriented,” Radical Brownies co-founder Marilyn Hollinquest told KPIX 5.

Full article: Young Oakland Girls Called ‘Radical Brownies’ Learn Social Justice Instead Of Selling Cookies (CBS)

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