China discovers enormous gas field in South China Sea

The world’s largest net oil importer, China National Offshore Oil Corporation, has announced the discovery of 100 billion cubic meters of natural gas field in the South China Sea.

China’s state news agency Xinhua reported late Monday that a deepwater drilling rig had discovered Lingshui 17-2, the country’s first self-support deepwater gas field, in September 2014 and it has since been approved as a large-scale gas field.

It was located 150km south of Hainan Island, and its operational depth is 1500m below the sea’s surface, according to CNOOC.

“Discovery of the field opened the door to deepwater oil and gas resources in the South China Sea and the huge exploration potential of deepwater areas there,” said Wang Yilin, CNOOC chairman.

Full article: China discovers enormous gas field in South China Sea (World Bulletin)

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