Mark Levin: Obama ‘Is Building the Iranian Islamo-nazi Caliphate’

“You know what Obama’s doing today?” said Levin. “He is building the Iranian Islamo-nazi caliphate. And I’ve been talking about this forever.”

A caliphate is an Islamic government that, in general, rules over large swaths of territory. The Islamic State, for instance, wants to impose a caliphate throughout the Middle East and destroy the state of Israel. Ultimately, their goal and that of millions of Muslims, is to establish a global caliphate: Islamic governments across Europe, Africa, the Far East and even the United States and Canada.

He continued, “Let me be very, very clear about this: The people being slaughtered in Africa are not white people, they’re black people, and our first black president barely, barely raises a finger. Most of the people being slaughtered in the Middle East are Muslims, even though there’s an effort to eradicate Christians. And what does Obama do?  Barely anything.”

“The Egyptians are looking at this in disbelief,” he said.  “The Jordanians are looking at this in disbelief. The Saudis are looking at this in disbelief. Our ally in Yemen doesn’t even exist anymore – gone! Our ally in Iraq doesn’t even exist anymore – gone!”

Secretary of State John Kerry “behind the scenes, in secret, is negotiating with the Islamo-nazi regime in Tehran and they are openly bragging that they’re getting 80% of what they want,” said Levin. They’re going to keep thousands and thousands of centrifuges, and Obama is begging them for a deal.”

“Meanwhile, in our own country, the pressure is on to destroy the Churchill of our time, Benjamin Netanyahu,” said Levin, author of the New York Times best seller Liberty and TyrannyA Conservative Manifesto.  “The pressure is on to destroy the Israeli ambassador Ron Dermer.”

“Why?” said Levin. “Because they dared to accept an invitation from the Republican Speaker of the House so Benjamin Netanyahu, the prime minister of Israel, can speak to the nation, because he might offend the Islamo-nazi regime in Tehran. But more importantly, he might offend Obama.”

Full article: Mark Levin: Obama ‘Is Building the Iranian Islamo-nazi Caliphate’ (CNS News)

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