Cyber war intensifies between China and US

An intensifying cyber security war between the United States and China highlights mutual strategic suspicion between the two countries, according to a research paper recently published the Center for a New American Security, a Washington-based think tank on China’s cyber security strategy.

The paper said that while the internet has caused an unprecedented impact on China’s traditional financial and media sectors, the biggest task for Beijing is taking innovation and cyber security into consideration while mapping out regulations for internet supervision and governance.

According to the paper’s conclusion, the cyber security strategy, like China’s foreign policy, is driven mainly by the domestic political imperative of needing to “protect the longevity of the Communist Party of China.”

The United States believes that China attempts to unleash onslaughts on or even force out American enterprises in China under the pretext of protecting cyber security.

US national intelligence director James Clapper said that Congress has been warned that “cyber attacks and cyber espionage pose a greater potential danger to US national security than al-Qaida.” He has also said that it would be difficult to overstate the importance of cyber warfare, which could devastate the US economy and its infrastructure.

Full article: Cyber war intensifies between China and US (Want China Times)

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