Alexis Tsipras’ European tour: ‘Frontal collision with Berlin’

The document, revealed by Reuters on 4 February, was published on the eve of a Eurozone finance ministers’ meeting in Brussels. The same day the European Central Bank decided it will no longer accept Greek bonds as collateral for loans and gave the Greek government one week to reach an agreement with its international lenders or face serious cashflow problems.

For I Kathimerini Berlin’s letter is “complete overthrow of the government’s election commitment”, and it will be “categorically rejected by prime minister” Alexis Tsipras —

Athens is now called upon to follow the path to a rough environment, as the proposal put forward for a “bridge agreement” appears to have not been accepted by the partners. […] the conflict between Athens and Berlin will probably be transferred to the summit of 12 February.

Full article: Alexis Tsipras’ European tour: ‘Frontal collision with Berlin’ (VOXEurop)

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