Paul Craig Roberts – The New Greek Government May Be Assassinated

Today Dr. Paul Craig Roberts stunned King World News when he said that the new Greek government may be assassinated because the stakes are so high.  The former U.S. Treasury official takes KWN readers on a terrifying trip down the rabbit hole of government lies and assassinations, where the stakes are high and governments play for keeps.

Dr. Paul Craig Roberts:  “There is much more involved here with Greece than just the interests of the creditor banks, who still want to be paid 100 cents on the dollar.  There is another strong interest and this is the interest of the centralizing European Union government and the interest of the European Central Bank as the policy-maker for all of the countries.

So they are using the Greek crisis to establish that ruling power structure….

“That makes it difficult to make an agreement with the new Greek government to ameliorate the conditions imposed on Greece.  So it makes the EU inflexible.  That inflexibility gives Greece the cards to say, ‘We’re not playing your game — we’re going to play a different game and accept Russia’s offer.’

New Greek Government May Be Assassinated

We’ll see whether the Greek government does that.  Now of course they may not be allowed to.  They may be assassinated.  It’s entirely possible.  I’ve never thought that the United States would allow a new government in any of its vassal states to rise up and become independent of Washington’s control.

Or Perhaps Have An ‘Accident’

So the new Greek government officials may have an ‘accident.’  All kinds of terrible things can happen to people, and have, that get out of sync with Washington.  We’ve had several cases in Latin and South America of leaders who wouldn’t follow Washington’s line having mysterious deaths.  There have been a number of them who have been overthrown in CIA organized coups.

When President Obama came into office, the democratically-elected government in Honduras was overthrown by the military.  Of course the Honduran military has been in Washington’s pocket forever.  So all these kinds of things can happen to the new Greek government and they may be aware of that.”

Planes Crash, Government’s Get Overthrown

Eric King:  “So Merkel or somebody may have already explained to the new Greek government:  ‘If you go down the rabbit hole of dealing with Russia and China, that may be the end of you.’”

Dr. Roberts:  “Yes.  Somebody may have already said to them that ‘aligning with Russia and China isn’t a very good idea.  Planes crash.  Governments get overthrown.’  That’s a way of telling them ‘We’ll get you.’  This is not a prediction, this is a possibility.

The Brothers

And these things happen.  Read the book that came out recently titled The Brothers.  The book is about Allen Dulles, who was the head of the CIA, and his brother John Foster Dulles, who was the Secretary of State.  They just overthrew country after country, from Iran, through Africa and South America to Indonesia.  If you read the book you can see how it works.

Any time some American interest was deemed to be threatened by some government somewhere, they went in there and overthrew it — that’s the American way.  Look at what happened to the Ukrainian government.  This was an organized coup and the other day President Obama more or less admitted it.

Confessions Of An Economic Hit Man

Another good book to read is Perkin’s book Confessions of an Economic Hit Man.  Perkin’s was one of them who would do this type of thing.  American interests would set their sights on the resources of some country and then they would send in Perkin’s to make some big development plan.  He would then convince the country that this development plan was going to make the country so rich that it didn’t matter how much money they borrowed to implement the plan because it would be easy to pay it back.

It Was All A Lie

Of course it was all a lie.  It was designed to get the countries heavily in debt, and the development plan would not succeed well enough to repay the debt.  Then the banks would come in and dispossess the country of their resources.  That would be the solution to the indebtedness — ‘Turn over your oil, your timber, your other natural resources, etc.

So the book Confessions of an Economic Hit Man shows how these countries are subverted and looted, and the book The Brothers shows how the CIA and the State Department went about overthrowing governments.

The Stakes Are High

So when Putin and Russia offered help for the Greek’s financial situation, they handed the Greeks a card that can’t be trumped.  The question is:  Do the Greeks dare to play that card?  The stakes are high and it’s extremely dangerous to go against Washington for all the reasons I just told you.”

Full article: Paul Craig Roberts – The New Greek Government May Be Assassinated (King World News)

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