Iran hints it may still attack Israel over general’s death

A top Iranian official said on Monday that his country still has the right to avenge itself against Israel for an apparent IDF strike in Syria that killed an Iranian army general, despite a Hezbollah retaliatory attack last week that took the lives of two Israeli soldiers.

Alaeddin Boroujerdi, who chairs the Iranian parliament’s national security and foreign policy committee, said in an interview with the Al-Manar television channel that Iran reserves the right to respond to the January 18 attack on a convoy near Quneitra on the Syrian Golan Heights.

Six Hezbollah operatives, including a top commander, and one Iranian general were confirmed killed in the strike, which was followed by threats of severe retaliation from Hezbollah and Tehran.

Jerusalem stressed it did not want the situation to deteriorate into a regional conflict. Russian leaders conveyed this message to Beirut and Tehran.

Hezbollah, Syria and Iran had all vowed to strike at Israel in the wake of the attack. There have been conflicting reports as to whether Israel knew that Allahdadi was in the convoy hit during the airstrike.

Full article: Iran hints it may still attack Israel over general’s death (The Times of Israel)

4 responses to “Iran hints it may still attack Israel over general’s death

    • donwredford,

      No offense… But like the majority of people in Western nations, your thinking is highly dangerous because you do not realize this is what Iran wants. They want to provoke an all out war so they can induce the 12th Mahdi’s return and bring ‘peace on Earth’ through Islam. They have thousands of sleeper cells within the U.S., Canada and other Western nations waiting for the green light. It’s quite well documented here and on plenty of other websites. They’re suicidal and inducing war is their goal and a means to their end. In the same respect, the West is also suicidal because they’re just letting Iran and its mullahs build arms until it reaches the heavens for their grand finale. Please, change your your thinking.

      • Iran is not physically large enough as a country to start a war, the Americans have jets twenty four hours going around the air space and has nuclear weapons on board and has submarines with the same capability, America is good at wiping out large resources such as the destruction of a country, what they are not able to do is to fight wars where the enemy is obscure, as far as identity goes, although fear exists as to going to heaven as a fanatical ideology has not the numbers to go along with this idea, you are suffering from Western media fatigue whereby the West promotes propaganda to keep the masses in control for the benefit of the 1%, this is the religion of the Western Empire, far more dangerous as a belief than Mohammed’s doctrine, Mohammed, is a reformist to counteract Western incursion in to the Middle East, what I want to do with you Blitzkrieg is to way lay your fears of the Western doctrine of terrorism.

        • You’re totally missing the point, still. Iran is fully capable because you’re leaving the Syrian alliance out of the equation. They have a mutual defense pact and an attack on one is an attack on both, plus their terrorist proxy groups. It also has Lebanon under its control and is now subverting Iraq into its sphere of influence. Iran controls Hezbollah proxies, plus sleeper cells worldwide to attack Western interests. Israel itself may not have the right logistic support infrastructure to carry out aerial strikes on Iran. An infiltrated and now corrupt America is also doing everything it can to help Iran bide its time for nuclear weapons. Do you even pay attention to the news?

          Mohammed was a pedophile who married children and you dare call him a ‘reformist’? Are you really defending this person and trying to portray him as a useful counter-balance to ‘Western’ incursion’? Then you go on and say I’m a victim of ‘Western media fatigue’…

          You’re thinking is quite radical as well as irrational and uninformed, and I don’t see fit to continue discussion with those who hold viewpoints like this.