Who is killing the great bankers of Europe?

This is either the most interesting case of coincidental deaths or one of the most evil plots in modern history.

Western bankers are dropping dead all over the place – most of them youngish and in good health. There appear to be an unusual number of suicides and “unexplained” deaths.

Zero Hedge blog has been following this story.

Following the deaths of 36 bankers last year, 2015 has got off to an inauspicious start with the reported suicide of Chris Van Eeghen – the 4th ABN Amro banker suicide in the last few years. As Quotenet reports, the death of Van Eghen  – the head of ABN’s corporate finance and capital markets -“startled” friends and colleagues as the 42-year-old “had a great reputation” at work, came from an “illustrious family,” and enjoyed national fame briefly as the boyfriend of a famous actress/model. As one colleague noted, “he was always cheerful, good mood, and apparently he had everything your heart desired. He never sat in the pit, never was down, so I was extremely surprised. I can not understand.”

As Niburu details, friends and colleagues were startled by the news that Chris van Eeghen had committed suicide.

Again, there is again a familiar pattern, namely that there is no indication that Van Eeghen had plans to take his life.

So far, no evidence of foul play has emerged in any of these deaths. So either the plotters are spectacularly competent in fooling authorities, or there is nothing fishy at all about these deaths.

Full article: Who is killing the great bankers of Europe? (American Thinker)

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  1. The amount of bankers and finance specialists in British TV, of “Grand Design” developing the most expensive buildings, of their design and most are lavish but are crap in terms of what I think good building is, these buildings are often in many millions of dollars, far beyond the ability of most folk, where do they get the money from? from scams of those who put their trust is the corrupt.
    They do not seem as if they are going to commit suicide, whats going on? they all seem to have nice intelligent wives who seem to be the perfect woman, myself, I have now been for some 3 or 4 decades having lived in the most as a artist, and have scraped the bottom of the barrel with a bad run of the worst types of women, I now live by myself, but he banking women are definitely way beyond what I can afford?