Russian Spy Igor Sporyshev Arrested In NYC, Wall Street ‘Meltdown’ Allegedly Planned

Russian spies were reportedly running around New York City, planning to take down the heart of the financial sector on Wall Street. Accused Russian spy Igor Sporyshev was in NYC as part of an alleged “espionage ring” planning and recruiting on American soil. The 40-year-old alleged spy is the son of a high-ranking Russian intelligence officer.

Igor Sporyshev was allegedly working with fellow accused Russian spy, Victor Podobnyy. The 27-year-old alleged was registered as a trade representative from the former Soviet Union and was reportedly tasked with recruiting women into their cause. Podobnyy left the United States on Monday, citing diplomatic immunity protections.

Federal prosecutors believe that Buryakov was attempting to recruit female American college students. Victor Podobnyy complained that trying to get female college students to work for Mother Russia was a not at all like the James Bond lifestyle he had imagined, according to statements the Russian reportedly made on secret FBI recordings, now in the hands of prosecutors.

“You either need to f**k them or use other levers to influence them,” Sporyshev allegedly said about the American women the so-called Russian spy ring was attempting to recruit. Mikhail Sporyshev, the father of the alleged Russian spy, was a Major-General in the FSB Secret Service, which Vladimir Putin once led, and died in a car crash in 2008.

Do you think that Russian spies are running about in America? Was Mitt Romney right when stating that Russia remains a threat to the United States and World War III could be possible?

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