Russian General Warns Of World War 3, Russia’s Nuclear Weapons Plans For The World

Did you also hear the one about Russian nuclear missiles being brought back to Cuba? It’s likely not if you were watching the usual Fox/MSNBC/CNN/BBC propaganda outlets, or following the KarTrashians.

Also, we see proof of targeting the U.S. oil supplies as a means to cut the lifeblood out of the American military. This was discussed in a previous post regarding Russian front companies in the United States.

Do you not see that a sword is coming to America? Because it really is.


Russian General Warns Of World War 3, Russia's Nuclear Weapons Plans For The World


A new Cold War is the talk of international politics in 2015, but a former Russian general is warning that the world stands on the brink of a “hot war,” not Cold War 2. In addition, it’s “jokingly” claimed that keeping the “U.S. territory at gunpoint” by threatening World War 3 may be the most effective method of combating the United States.

In a related report by the Inquisitr, Vladimir Putin recently signed and enacted a new Russian military doctrine which proposes that Russian nuclear weapons defense systems near Europe will be expanded, based upon joint defense projects with China, India, and other countries. Former Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev also warns that the Ukraine crisis may transform into World War 3, claiming that a nuclear war between Russia and the U.S. is possible.

Ivashov suggests that the Ministry for Foreign Affairs should start a “combat mission” against the United States to “cause the damage with the use of economics methods.” In particular, he suggests targeting oil supplies and other commodities necessary for waging war. But Ivashov believes that placing Russian nuclear weapons in strategic locations like Latin America would be the best deterrent.

“Bingo – they have the U.S. territory at gunpoint, and this is what the Americans fear most. They invest a lot of money in missile defense not to wage wars on their own territory. They will be happy to stage wars anywhere, but not on their own territory. We need to find some power to create a group that could, in case of aggression against Russia, act on the territory of the United States. Now that would be a factor of deterrence. They say that the General Staff of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation and the Russian Ministry of Defense work on that already.”

Although Ivashov believes a large focus on Russia’s nuclear weapons should be a factor, he also notes that the United States has “not upgraded one single ballistic missile, and they do not build new ones either.”

“It just so happens that it is only Mongolia and Finland that can be the countries against which we can use nuclear weapons, if they threaten us. The situation has changed dramatically, and we are standing on the brink of a war – not a cold, but a hot war. Therefore, today Russia hastily takes efforts to rebuild the defensive capacity of the armed forces and change the military doctrine.”

Full article: Russian General Warns Of World War 3, Russia’s Nuclear Weapons Plans For The World (The Inquisitor)

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