Germans Protest Against Americanization of West

MOSCOW, January 25 (Sputnik) – At least 1000 people have taken part in an anti-Americanization rally in the German city of Erfurt, the organizer of the protest action Pegada (Patriotische Europäer gegen die Amerikanisierung des Abendlandes – German for “Patriotic Europeans against the Americanization of the West”) has announced.

“A successful and peaceful day is behind us all! Thank you wholeheartedly for over 1000 people who today together in Europe and around the world have made a big step in the direction of peace with us!” Pegada said in a message on its Facebook page Saturday.

Meanwhile, Der Spiegel reported Saturday that the rally also attracted Americanization supporters, who organized their own demonstration, attended by around 600 people.

Full article: Germans Protest Against Americanization of West (Sputnik News)

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