U.S. Commander: Russian Support to Ukrainian Separatists Has ‘Doubled’

Kremlin ignoring terms of ceasefire agreement

The top U.S. Army commander in Europe says Russia has substantially increased its support for separatists in eastern Ukraine since a ceasefire agreement was reached last September, the Hill reports.

Lt. Gen. Ben Hodges told reporters that the influx of Russian equipment sent to the rebels has “doubled” in recent months:

“When you look at the amount of Russian equipment that the proxies were using prior to the Minsk agreements, that amount has doubled beginning in December into the hundreds,” he told reporters on his first visit to Ukraine as U.S. Army Europe commander.

“Those are not the types of things you would find in a militia. They clearly are coming from a modern military force coming from Russia,” he said.

Full article: U.S. Commander: Russian Support to Ukrainian Separatists Has ‘Doubled’ (Washington Free Beacon)

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