Scandal at Guantanamo Bay as commander fired over alleged affair

It would be interesting to see how much he was against the opening of the floodgates to Cuba. As corrupt as this administration is, it’s difficult to put anything past them when they’ve been purging the military of all resistance for years now.


The commander of the US naval station at Guantanamo Bay has been fired and is reportedly under investigation over an alleged affair with a married woman and the death of her husband.

The body of Christopher Tur was found floating in the sea by the Coast Guard on Jan 11, the day after he was reported missing by his wife of 19 years Lara.

Capt John Nettleton was relieved of his duty at the US military outpost in Cuba due to a loss of confidence in his ability to command, the Navy said in a statement.

The Navy would not comment on the details of the investigation. But US officials told the Associated Press that the investigation was being conducted into the death of Mr Tur, a civilian worker at the base.

The officials, speaking anonymously about an ongoing investigation, said that the alleged affair between Capt Nettleton and Mrs Tur was discovered during the Naval Criminal Investigative Service’s investigation into his death.

The officials did not provide any details on the cause of Mr Tur’s death. But CNN reported that there were “initial indications that the death was a suicide”.

Full article: Scandal at Guantanamo Bay as commander fired over alleged affair (The Telegraph)

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