China sets up more listening stations against Taiwan: report

China’s army has set up at least three new large aerial listening stations in coastal Fujian province to monitor radio signals from Taiwan, according to a report by Canada-based monthly Kanwa Information Center.

The magazine’s latest issue reported that the People’s Liberation Army has been increasing its snooping stations in the province, the closest to Taiwan, over the past five years.

One new monitoring station is reportedly only about 23 km away from the Longtian Air Base, where S-300PMU-2 surface-to-air missiles are deployed. All of the antennas and dishes there are directed toward Taipei, the capital, and the major central city of Taichung, the report said.

That means all radio signals, including mobile phones and other type of wireless communications, from military bases and government institutions across the western half of Taiwan can potentially be monitored.

Full article: China sets up more listening stations against Taiwan: report (Want China Times)

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