Iranian Nuclear Verification ‘Beyond Reach’ of US Intelligence

The IAEA is stacked with Iranian sympathizers whereas the CIA is heavily infiltrated and the NSA is more worried about labeling ordinary citizens terrorists. In short, Iran having a nuclear weapon should be everyone’s foregone conclusion. So, “What then?”, you ask? War. That’s what.

War will break out beforehand with Israel preemptively attacking as it fights for its existence before the Iranians can launch a nuclear strike. This is if Iran decides to stop patiently waiting for its nuclear arsenal to be complete and attack first. Should war beforehand break out, expect Iran to openly pursue nuclear weapons afterwards and have the entire world line up against Israel as it’s portrayed as the aggressor in a well designed trap. Israel also might not be able to completely knock out what it needs in the event of war due to logistics and limited backing by the Obama administration.


WASHINGTON, January 21 (Sputnik) — Verifying Iranian compliance with a nuclear agreement to halt the development of nuclear weapons goes beyond the abilities of US intelligence agencies, and depends on the active role of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), former CIA and NSA Director Major General Michael Hayden said at a Middle East conference on Tuesday.

“With regard to verification of an [Iranian nuclear] agreement, do not depend on American intelligence to do that,” General Hayden said, adding that the verification of Iranian nuclear facilities “will be beyond the reach of American intelligence.”

US intelligence agencies are limited in their capabilities to accurately assess the Iranian nuclear program in ways that the UN’s IAEA is not, the former intelligence chief commented.

“You need an invasive inspection regime from the IAEA,” Hayden stated, which is premised on the institutional knowledge within the United Nation’s agency of the “accurate history” of Iran’s nuclear program. The other condition, that can be uniquely met by the IAEA is the ability to inspect any Iranian nuclear installation, Hayden said.

Full article: Iranian Nuclear Verification ‘Beyond Reach’ of US Intelligence (Spunik News)

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