The ECB Will Fail Given The “History Lessons Of US And Japan”, Warns Deutsche Bank

 First, a broad strokes preview of what the world’s most confused Central bank will do this week:

[The ECB] is trapped down a dark alley and they will bite. For all the pros and cons of public QE as well as the hows and whens, at the end of the day the market has pushed the ECB into that corner. Within the context of the practical limitations of QE, we have no doubt that Draghi once again will leave a warm fuzzy feeling that they are prepared to do all that it takes. Of course, like OMT, it probably doesn’t mean they are buying BTPs come February 1st, but that doesn’t matter for BTPs. It also doesn’t matter for the Euro zone outlook given the dubitancy of QE efficacy.

And here is why the ECB too will follow its peers, the Fed and BOJ, in failing to boost inflation expectations which at last check were below the Lehman collapse levels and sliding fast (see “The Chart That Terrifies The Fed“)

More importantly we doubt inflation expectations will spike sustainably higher on any announcement given the “failed” history lessons of US and Japan as well as doubts about QE making a difference quickly in the Euro zone. This really centers on the issues of the Euro zone’s different financial model (bank not security based) as well as the still ongoing deleveraging of the banks for regulatory purposes.

Full article: The ECB Will Fail Given The “History Lessons Of US And Japan”, Warns Deutsche Bank (Zero Hedge)

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