Putin prepares bitter and hysterical missile surprise to ‘American partners’

The article, which is blatantly pro-Russia, cannot be dismissed. The threats coming from Russia are real.


Russia’s new sea-based cruise missiles reduce the military power of the United States on a vast geopolitical region from Warsaw to Kabul and from Rome to Baghdad.

Information about new Russian sea-launched cruise missiles could be a reason. Putin announced the deployment of such missiles and said that the missiles would bring the US military power to nothing and minimize Washington’s superiority on a vast geopolitical region from Warsaw to Kabul and from Rome to Baghdad.

Here is how the story was developing. 

In addition, Putin said that Russia would need to create “unified models of weapons and technology, as well as general-purpose arms.” He emphasized that the Navy of Russia was in need to develop new ship projects that would be “universal in terms of armament, control and communication systems.”

Project 877 Varshavyanka submarine became the world’s largest and most powerful non-nuclear submarines. Subsequently, it became the world’s only non-nuclear missile-equipped submarine. The missiles of this submarine became the first model of cruise missiles of the Russian Navy shot from 533-mm torpedo tubes. Prior to that, such torpedo tubes were used only for ballistic missiles 81R, 83R, 84R and their modifications. Their range did not exceed 50 kilometers.

And now, the commander of the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Federation informed the president that in the future the submarines would be armed with cruise missiles that would be able to strike targets at distances of more than 1,500 kilometers!!!

If it is true – the admiral would not be lying President Putin in the face – it actually means the destruction of the US military strategy and a qualitative change in the balance of power in Russia’s favor. From now on, any vessel of the Russian Navy – not only submarines, but also surface ships – become carriers of strategic weapons. Why strategic? Because equipping such miracle missile with a nuclear warhead is only a question of time and political will of the Kremlin.

Here, we have another surprise.

Vladimir Putin commented as follows: “The main thing is that we have agreed upon the political statement, which, for the first time, established basic principles of the five-sided cooperation in the Caspian Sea. The agreements reached meet long-term interests of all parties.” He also said that the interaction of the five Caspian states would strengthen security in the region, for the five countries agreed that the presence of foreign armed forces in the region would be excluded.

It was reported that the Russian Caspian Flotilla would include nine small missile ships of Project 21631, Buyan-M. These nimble jet-propelled ships with a displacement of only 950 tons, if necessary, can be based even on the Volga River: they were specifically designed as “river-sea” vessels. Most importantly, despite their small size, they are also equipped with “Caliber” missile systems complete with eight missiles in a vertical launcher.

However, if we assume that the Buyans will be equipped with new long-range missiles, similar to those of Varshavyanka submarines, all falls into place at once.

Given the size of the Caspian area, which now becomes the “launch pad” for the Buyans, it is easy to understand that they will keep a huge region of Eurasia at gunpoint. With missiles of Varshavyanka submarines added, it just so happens that Russian weapons will embrace colossal space. Warsaw and Rome, Baghdad and Kabul, base points of the US Sixth Mediterranean Fleet and its naval strike group, Israel US Sixth Mediterranean Fleet and the lion’s share of the southern coast of the Mediterranean Sea will be in sights of the new Russian missiles.

To crown it all, the US can not deploy any forces either on the Black Sea or on the Caspian Sea  to counter the new and unexpected “Russian threat.” As for the Black Sea, there is the Montreux Convention from 1936 that stops the United States. In the Caspian region, the leaders of the Caspian littoral states announced that they would not tolerate foreign military presence in the Caspian region.

Full article: Putin prepares bitter and hysterical missile surprise to ‘American partners’ (Pravda)

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