3D printers replace parts aboard PLA warships

Imagine if you will, a rising China, who already has over 90% of the rare earths under its control, producing or printing thousands upon thousands of military weapons.

Although easier said than done, theoretically, they could be the world’s most powerful military overnight should should they use this technology to their advantage and produce 25,000 stealth jets. This type of production capacity is surely around the corner, given they’ve already had 13 years of 3D printing technology and the storage capacity in thousands of miles of nuclear-attack hardened underground tunnel networks — also known as The Great Underground Wall of China.

Some would argue this is simply a reaction to U.S. ‘assertiveness’ in the region, however, those who have really been paying attention know it’s war preparations against the United States. After all, they have told us they would hurt us, be engaged in hand-to-hand combat with America in ten years. Action speaks louder than words and thus far they have proven intention by preparation.


3D printers are being deployed aboard the warships of the People’s Liberation Army Navy to replace crucial small parts, according to China’s Global Times on Jan. 8.

China began the development of 3D printers back in 2001 and the technology has been widely used in the production of Chinese weapons systems. Sun Cong, the designer of the J-15 carrier-based fighter, said 3D printers had been used to repair damage caused during training flights. The center-section joint of the C919, China’s first large passenger aircraft, was also designed based on parts produced by a 3D printer.

Full article: 3D printers replace parts aboard PLA warships (Want China Times)

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