Russia threatens to change Iran stance over US sanctions

Moscow warns it will respond to Washington’s ‘unfriendly gestures’; US Treasury enforces financial sanctions

MOSCOW — Russia on Tuesday angrily criticized the latest US sanctions, saying they could derail cooperation with Washington on dealing with the Iranian nuclear standoff and the Syrian crisis.

The Russian Foreign Ministry on Tuesday dismissed the new US sanctions as unfounded and warned Washington that its actions “are putting in question the prospects for bilateral cooperation in settling the situation around the Iranian nuclear program, the Syrian crisis and other acute international problems.”

“We haven’t left, and will not leave, such unfriendly gestures without response, as Washington might have seen,” the ministry said.

Russia has staunchly supported Syrian President Bashar Assad’s regime during the nation’s civil war, but Moscow has recently tried to broker talks between the Syrian government and the opposition. The negotiations have been tentatively scheduled for the end of January.

Meanwhile the US Treasury Department on Tuesday imposed economic penalties on six people and three companies accused of helping Iran’s government obtain hundreds of millions in US currency or evade existing sanctions.

Americans can’t do business with those blacklisted. Any assets they have in the US are now frozen.

Full article: Russia threatens to change Iran stance over US sanctions (The Times of Israel)

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