Germany Wants European Army

Such an army would fulfill Bible prophecy

But is having Germany in the driver’s seat of a European army cause for concern?

On October 30, German Defense Minister Ursula von der Leyen signed a declaration of intent on German-Polish cooperation with Polish Defense Minister Tomasz Siemoniak. This declaration of intent is not limited to training drills but provides for “placing combat battalions under the other’s command.” After the agreement, von der Leyen’s ministry declared the “German-Polish cooperation is a trendsetting milestone for the development of European integrated military structures.”

Hans-Peter Bartels, the chairman of the German parliament’s defense committee, left no doubt as to the final destination of all these additions. “The hour has come, finally, for concrete steps towards a European army,” Bartels told Die Welt.

The signs are there for all to see: This will be an EU army under strong German control.

The government-affiliated German Institute for International and Security Affairs (swp) believes that America’s changing global role is a good reason for establishing an EU army. Claudia Major, deputy director of swp, wrote, “[T]he transformation of the U.S.A.’s global role and the current financial crisis offer new options for European integration. Because the United States will be more tied up in Asia and Africa in the future, the EU has to assume more responsibility around the world.”

German Vice President of the European Parliament Alexander Graf Lambsdorff stated, “Only a European approach to military matters can assure that the economic giant Germany will not remain a political dwarf when enforcing Western values and interests.” German political leaders see the establishment of an EU army as Germany’s means of exerting influence on the world.

The spd—in conjunction with Germany’s ruling parties—“want to be the driving force in Europe of a parliamentary controlled European army,” and it is “pursuing this objective relentlessly,” reported Already we see the nucleus of a European army emerging with the German Bundeswehr agreements with Poland and the Netherlands. The German press stated the Bundeswehr is the “trailblazer for a European army.”

Germany’s dream of a European super-army controlled from Berlin, and independent of America—is now becoming reality—and should startle Western policymakers. The last time Germany attempted to exert its influence upon the world, it did not go well. The Bible shows what will happen next.

Key of David presenter Gerald Flurry recently spoke about a coming European power on his “Revelation 17:10″ program. To see where Germany’s aspirations for an EU army are leading, read “Under Construction.”

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