Gorbachev Says Nuclear Deterrence Still Matters

The last Soviet leader still considers nuclear arsenals as a crucial factor of international security. Such destructive weapons must be prevented from falling into the hands of extremists at all costs, he stresses.

MOSCOW, December 17 (Sputnik) — The last Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev has disagreed with allegations that nuclear deterrence is no longer relevant in international affairs, in an interview with RT TV channel.

“I do not agree with those who claim that nuclear threat is not a deterrent anymore. We are now far more aware of what nuclear weapons and nuclear power are [capable of],” Gorbachev said.

Gorbachev cited Russia’s R-36M (SS-18 Satan) intercontinental ballistic missile, which he said has an explosive force “of a hundred Chernobyls,” as an example of why nuclear weapons are still a crucial factor of international security.

Earlier in December, Russian President Vladimir Putin emphasized the importance of maintaining the country’s nuclear deterrence capability due to the growing number of security challenges.

Full article: Gorbachev Says Nuclear Deterrence Still Matters (Sputnik News)

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